Sugar Addiction

  • Sugar is utterly addictive. MRI scans taken of people’s brains while they eat it show that it is activating our brain in a similar way to cocaine.
  • As the sweet substance hits our tongue, increased blood rushes to the brain, and dopamine is released as it would in response to drugs and alcohol.
  • Research has also shown that people who frequently consume ice cream, cakes, chocolate or fizzy drinks build up their tolerance like drug addicts and alcoholics, so they have to eat more and more sugar to get the same satisfaction.
  • But sugar doesn’t just make you fat and increase your chances of having a heart attack.
  • In addition, cancer feeds on sugar.
  • In fact, some tumors have their own insulin receptors and use sugar to grow.
  • What’s worse is they take it up before the other tissues and muscles in the body, so in effect cancers hijack the sugar from healthy organs.
  • It is a lose-lose situation.