About Us

» We are licensed dietitians and health coaches.

» Validated and reimbursed by major health insurances and Medicare.

» We provide preventative healthcare and permanent weight loss.

» In a weekly or bi-monthly 25-minute session, we coach individuals on-site or in our RESO centers.

RESO is a leading medical provider to offer the following services and treatments:

Why choose us

Improving people’s lives through common-sense solutions with scientific and medical background.

Helping people gain more energy and achieve true health and well-being.

Fixing obesity and its negative consequences.

Fighting propaganda and false promises that make people more unhealthy.

Stopping the dramatic epidemic of obesity with a disruptive and realistic approach.

Continuing medical research about health issues related to food and nutrition.

Our Approach

»  For decades, no concrete solution has emerged to solve the obesity epidemic that has continued to grow.

»  People feel guilty because commercial diets haven’t work in the long term.

»  We don’t pretend that we have found a miracle solution or a magic formula. 

» In fact, we have concentrated on:

»  The causes, history, and significant national differences of obesity epidemic.

»  The biological interactions between mind and body.

»  Analyzing the scientific and medical reasons for the failure of dieting.

»  Implementing a methodology that can be applied to almost any aspect of our life cycle and will cause major transformations.

»  Offering a system to our customers who can easily follow and accomplish goals by only modifying small changes in their daily lifestyle and food choice.

Our History

Foundation of RESO LLC, a psychotechnology company, dedicated to develop relationship tools for couples.

Validation of the Couple Garden software by mental health professionals.

Development of a medical tool for depressed people. 40% of depression is due to bad nutrition.

Implementation of a weight loss program based on 4 personalities in Switzerland.

First coaching center opened in the Boston area.

Validation and coverage by major health plans and Medicare.

Scientific discovery of the dehydration impact. 

Active Participation in the FSU Food Study conducted by Harvard Medical School. Obesity code cracked.

Weight plateau cracked. Finalization of the RESO scientific equation of weight gain/weight loss.