Reso Your Life

Based On:
    • FSU Food Study (the study we took part with Harvard Medical School, the most expensive ever conducted with $16 million budget) in 2015-2016.
    • Customers Experience
    • Research, specifically U.S. Army
    • International experience: U.S. & Switzerland
    • Data Calculation

We have developed the mathematical equation of the mechanisms of weight gain/weight loss with 95 fundamental variables.

  • We settle a personalized program based on the lifestyle, personality, stress level, food habits, and health goals based on 90 parameters.
  • We have designed 60 different profiles to fulfill our customers’ needs.
  • John Wayne, Sumo Wrestler, Hockey Mom, Business Traveler, Organic Eater, Stanley Cup Finalist…
  • A minor modification of eating habits will lead to a body composition change (body fat/body muscle mass).
  • Our system formula fits:
    • any child, adult, senior, and sport professional
    • any mammal and bird
  • This is the reason why:
    • We are the only medical group providing Permanent Weight Loss and offering Lifetime Guarantee.
    • Our customers need to be coached and supervised by our highly skilled professionals.
    • With small adjustments of the variables, the body improves its physiological efficiency. 
    • Weight loss becomes incidental.
    • Weight plateau and yo-yo effect are over.
  • Our effortless, educational, and uncomplicated programs are the contrary diet:
    • Your metabolism increases.
    • You improve your energy level without starvation.
    • You decrease your stress level.
    • This is not expensive because you are covered by your health plan or Medicare.


    • It is entertaining and funny.
    • There is no guilt anymore.
    • You know the main reasons of a daily weight gain/loss.
    • You enjoy life to the fullest.