• As well as eating well, sleep is so important to feel rested, energized, and to help the body to recover and do essential repair work.


Did you know?

  • Poor sleep can cause heart problems and depression?
  • Your cell phone might be stopping you from sleeping?
  • Lack of sleep might be gaining weight?
  • Getting good sleep can keep you looking younger for longer?

Restful sleep is vital to allow the body to regenerate, but many of us struggle with getting it.

  • The side effects of poor sleep habits include memory loss, confusion, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular disease and depression.
  • Virtually every system in your body is affected by the amount and quality of sleep you get.
  • The benefits of good sleep include: 
    • Weight loss, as sleep regulates the amount you eat and how your metabolism works. 
    • Natural immunity to fight off infections.
    • Better coping mechanisms.
    • Increased ability to learn new things.
    • Improving your memory, creativity and insightfulness. 
  • Sleep governs our “circadian rhythm”, which means our body’s natural internal clock.
  • Certain hormones in our body are produced at specific times of the day and night, either to give us energy in the day, or to help repair the body overnight.
  • Irregular sleep leads to these hormones not being secreted in their correct amounts, and can make us feel tired in the day, and reduce the regeneration of the body’s cells at night.