• Our brains are the most sensitive organs in our bodies, and they respond immediately and almost instantly to insults.
  • So stop insulting your brain.
  • Most of us have no clue sitting around on our couch watching TV hurts our brain.
  • So does losing a few hours of sleep at night, drinking a can of cola, having a latte, getting the flu vaccine…
  • Save your brain. Learn what harms, what enhances it, and how to prevent it.
  • Different environmental influences, dietary factors, and other toxins can influence your brain health.
  • To restore optimal brain function and health, you need to know the why, not just the what, of what you are doing.
  • If you know what is happening in the brain, why it goes wrong, and how to fix it, you are much more likely to incorporate changes in your food habits and behavior in the long term.